Top Exec Gets Hacked

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In the hunt to find out if former FTC chief was hired by Facebook to help them with their privacy issues, a story was almost buried.  It can to light that someone had at some point hacked one of the Board Member’s accounts sending out phishing messages to any and all who it could get a hold of. Now, for most common users this would just be an annoyance, which you then have to go through some training on what is safe to click on and when you probably shouldn’t click on a link. For a top exec at Facebook, this is bad news. It is probably a good thing that it only sent messages out to his friend’s the program not realizing what it had gotten it’s fingers into. If this had been a person, we all would have been in trouble.

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  1. jack -  August 21, 2010 - 3:30 pm

    Wow how do you even pull that off with all the new hacker protection that we have now. I wanna laugh but I wont.

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