The Food Lovers Travel Guide to France, Italy and the Southwest USA

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French Cuisine

My greatest joy when travelling is trying out new foods and eating the local cuisines.  I rarely go to restaurants that the concierge recommends, instead I ask where they go to eat as a local.  This how I have found the best local food.  I have focused on my three favorite country’s cuisine.  France, Italy and The SouthWest of the United States

If you are a traveler who loves visiting different locations to enjoy the local cuisine, then you will find this brief food guide useful.

The focus in on the exquisite dishes that can be found in various locations in Italy, France and the South West US. The French have always been known for their amazing culinary prowess and taste bud popping foods. Once you have had a taste of French cuisine, you will be back for more.  You can try as you might, but it is very difficult to get the French staples, like the bread, cheese and pate in the US that taste as good as the real thing.

If you find yourself in France, there are different locations and spots you can have the best food from any ethnicity. French foods, different African dishes, Chinese food, Greek food, Italian and any other place you can think about are available for you to sample.

Paris alone has hundreds of awesome food spots you can visit to enjoy cheap but rich and wholesome good food. You can find the best baked foods, coffee and tea shops and other exotic delicacies guaranteed to blow your taste buds.  Personally, I have been to Paris and ate Croissant’s, French bread, Pate and cheese all week.  The bread and croissants are so good I don’t care how many calories they contain I love them.  The good news is that Paris is such a wonderful city for walking that you walk it off and sticking to the wonderful basics means you are not going to gain weight walking several miles a day.

One of the oldest eating spots in Paris known as Le Bouillon Chartier offers an awesome but affordable eating and dining experience that will leave you coming back for more. The Septime is also available if you have the means to afford an expensive but exclusive French restaurant experience that will give you lasting memories. If you are a connoisseur of good French wines, then you must visit La Cave de Belleville to sample the best French wines made from the numerous vineyards in the different French regions.  Whatever your preference is, you can be rest assured of finding the most amazing foods in France.

Italian Cuisine

If you are touring Italy, then be ready for the most exotic sounding and tasting meals with the finest Italian wines complimenting them. You will probably have a hard time deciding on which Italian meal is the best. So, varied and exquisitely-tasting are the variations that you are guaranteed to fall in love with Italian cuisine. The best places to visit to have the best Italian food is the country side and fortunately, each region have their special delicacies, so it doesn’t matter which location you head to. f you are traveling up north, you will find very rich and creamy meals like the risotto, pesto Genovese, mortadella, polenta and different types of Parmesan cheese in abundance.

If you are visiting the central Italian region comprising Lazio, Umbria, Tuscany and others, be prepared to enjoy the best steaks you might ever have in life. You will find exotic grilled steaks like the bistecca alla fiorentina and the olive ascolane. You are bound to get truly hooked on Italian foods after your visit. Across south Italy, you will find an abundance of Mediterranean delicacies ranging from olive oil, fish, fruit and pasta. You will also find the best pizzas in Naples especially those topped with mozzarella di bufala. If you love cheese and fish meals, you will love south Italian cuisines a lot. As it stands, which ever part of Italy you find yourself, prepare your taste buds for a reawakening you won’t forget any time soon. Whether you love your meals hot, cold, spicy, salty or sugary, you will find an exotic Italian food of your choice when you visit Sicily. This Italian region has the most varied range of delicacies, thanks to its rich history of having been ruled and explored by people of different origins and ethnicities in centuries past. With Italian food, you will never go wrong!!.

Southwest USA Cuisine

If you are a food traveler visiting the United States, you might consider checking out the South West as they have one of the most exotic, Mexican-lookalike meals. If you love it hot and spicy, you will love South West American meals.  The meals are affordable, large and contain healthy portions of rich meat and vegetables, a plus for meat lovers. Add the popular chili pepper and beans and you can consider the foods in this location complete.

You will find yourself faced with an abundance of amazing meals like the South Western Cheesy eggs, and a multitude of different dishes prepared with frijoles and chili. If you have ever wanted to try Mexican meals without going to Mexico, ( although if you make it to Mexico its is pretty y good there too) then you must visit any of the South Western cities to have a taste for yourself.  If you visit a restaurant like the Mission in Old Town Scottsdale which serves table side guacamole you must try it.  It is delicious and made at your table, so you can temper the heat to suit your own taste. Whether you are in Arizona, New Mexico California or Texas, you can rest easy about trying South Western foods they are just delicious.

My name is Justin Billingsley and I am a passionate food and technology blogger and I love to travel.  You can follow my social media accounts on Pinterest, Facebook, WordPress and YouTube.  Feel free to visit my food blog


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