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Every race fan recognizes the unique experience offered by attending a Formula One event.  It’s not just a matter of watching some of the best drivers in the world race amazing vehicles at top speeds. It’s the locations where the races are held. In any given year an F1 groupie can travel across five continents and attend races in some of the most exotic and exciting locales in the world.

While it’s usually royalty and celebrities who can afford to follow their favorite F1 driver around the world, fans of more modest means can still plan a trip to Formula One as a dream vacation. Follow http://twitter.com/moneymutual for tips on saving money and then take the advice below.

Choose a Race

The United States typically hosts at least one F1 event a year. There may still be time for fans to get tickets to the 2013 United States Grand Prix to be run November 15th-17th in Austin, Texas.  If not, there are races in Korea, Japan, India,, Abu Dhabi, and Brazil remaining in 2013.

For fans who need to plan further ahead, the 2014 schedule has already been announced with 21 races on the calendar.  The season kicks off in Australia in March beforee traveling through Asia, the Middle East, Europe, Canada, Russia, The US, Mexico and Brazil. Planning a vacation is simply a matter of choosing which country to visit and setting the visit to include the Formula One event.


Formula One’s governing body, the Federation Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA), makes it easy for race fans to attend events. The F1 website offers travel packages as well as tickets and information on hotels. It is also possible to work with a travel agent to design a vacation package with F1 as the focal point. And, of course, many attendees choose the do-it-yourself option of putting together their own travel, accommodation, and ticket arrangements.

Once the tickets are bought and the travel arranged, fans need only think of a few other considerations.  A passport will be needed for foreign travel. Local currency may need to be acquired. Climate-appropriate clothing should be chosen and perhaps a language phrase book. Travelers should also research when going to foreign countries whether their technology, such as smartphones and tablets, will work with foreign networks.

Other than all that, it is a matter of identifying local sites to see and deciding which racers to root for!

Robert Zelman is a sports and travel blogger who loves nothing more than to travel to the top sporting events around the world.  In addition to covering Formula One’s European leg, he also attends the 24 Hours of Le Mans to watch top drivers.

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