Opening Your Own Coffee Shop

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There is nothing like sipping a nice hot cup of coffee on a cold winter’s day. And with chains like Starbucks popping up on every street corner, coffee has never been more convenient. However, even though they are convenient, many chains are missing personality and warmth that often makes small, privately owned shops special.

Location is important when opening any business, even in the coffee shop business. It is important to consider what audience you will be targeting; young college kids looking for a place to hang out and study or business men and women rushing to get to work, or busy parents as they race from school to one practice after another. It is important that you establish yourself in an area that will be convenient for your targeted audience –next to the local community college or the freeway.

It is important that your coffee shop you reflect you and your personality as well as your audience. From the room decor to the bunn coffee makers, it can be fun and quirky or warm and classic.

There are a lot of fun and unique features that you can incorporate into your shop that will help to set it apart from the rest of the shops, like the menu and customer appreciation programs. There are also some popular features that many customers can appreciate, such as Wi-Fi and comfortable sitting areas, and will keep them coming back.

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