Most Expensive Hotels in the World

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Glow Bar at President Wilson HotelIf you’ve ever wondered just how much dignitaries, celebrities, and royalty pay for a hotel suite, check out these numbers.  The most expensive hotels in the world start at $15,000 (USD) per night.  Some suites have base prices of $40,000, $50,000 or even $65,000 and, with extras, can see the price tag jump to more than $80,000 for one night.

Luxury begins with the setting.  Space is important, with suites offering 5,000 to 18,000 square feet with multiple bedrooms, baths, and social areas.  Penthouse units have spacious balconies. All are exquisitely furnished with antique or designer furniture, chandeliers, and artwork.  Many have fixtures of precious metals, marble floors, and leather and velvet upholstery.  High ceilings and large windows with stunning views are also de rigeur.

Then comes the type of privacy and security amenities that appeal to the super rich.  Private elevators, private vaults, helipad access, and armored doors and bulletproof glass. Certain suites have their own pool (or two). Most have a dining room and possibly a kitchen, but others have a private library or theater or even a private massage room.

Staff is also an attraction.  Different hotels include access to personal chefs, nannies, personal trainers, spa staff, butlers, chauffeurs, or even an on-call pianist. One hotel will even fly you to town on THEIR personal jet as part of your room fee.

Here are the most expensive hotels/suites in the world (USD):

  • Hotel President Wilson (Geneva, Switzerland) — $31,500 to $80,000+. The Royal Penthouse Suite starts at $65,000
  • Grand Resort Lagonissi (Athens, Greece): $47,500+
  • Four Seasons Hotel (New York, US): $32,500+.  The Ty Warner Penthouse Suite starts at $45,000.
  • Raj Palace (Jaipur, India): $40,000+
  • Laucala Island Resort (Fiji): $40,000+ for the Hilltop Estate suite
  • Palms Casino Resort Hotel (Las Vegas, US): $38,00+.  The Sky Villa goes for $40,000 for a weekend stay.
  • New York Palace Hotel (New York, US): $25,000+ for either the Jewel Suite or the Champagne Suite
  • Atlantis Resort Hotel (Dubai or Bahamas): $24,000+
  • Ritz-Carlton Hotel (Moscow, Russia):$17,500
  • Le Richemond (Geneva, Switzerland):$17,000
  • Burj Al Arab Hotel (Dubai):$17,500
  • Park Hyatt Paris Vendome (Paris, France):$15,000
  • Four Seasons Hotel George V (Paris, France):$15,500

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