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In 2010 businesses are experimenting with cloud computing as a way to save money and human resources. By moving some or all of their daily server and IT needs as well as specific applications to cloud systems, they significantly reduce their reliance on traditional computing costs. These include purchasing and maintaining servers, managing a full-time IT staff and installing and constantly upgrading software.

The cloud also offers businesses the chance to access advanced products more efficiently. They can create a virtual lab , online demos, and even on demand training for use by their employees or clients. Although these are more collaborative tools than servers or software, they can still be managed and secured through the cloud without having to install or design special systems in a centralized location.

Another advantage of cloud services for business is the ability to create private clouds or hybrid clouds which rely partially on public cloud systems and partially on private ones. This allows businesses to exercise more extensive management, security, and control protocols than relying on public systems. This can be very important for companies with security issues due to handling sensitive client information or to development of proprietary products or other industry secrets.

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