Managing Your Online Favorites

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Anyone with access to the internet is going to quickly build up a repository of favorites. These will include websites that they visit over and over again, such as email, social media sites, or news sites. It will also include things that they want to keep as informational references for the future, such as specific articles, blog posts, or video demos. However, the majority of sites that people want to preserve are those that entertain or amuse them. Funny cat pictures, laughing baby videos, and edgy political cartoons all find their way into the minds and hearts of web surfers.

While every web browser comes equipped with some sort of bookmark or favorites tools, the reality is that few web surfers use just one browser or even one computer. They need a place to store all their favorite URLs, whether they are at home, school, work, or even using their smart phone.

This is where online bookmarking sites come in. They serve as a sort of global favorites manager by allowing users to store bookmarks on a centralized system. with a simple login and password, users can then access — and add to — their list of favorites no matter where they are. All they need is an active web connection and they are good to go.

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