Most Expensive Hotels in the World

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Glow Bar at President Wilson HotelIf you’ve ever wondered just how much dignitaries, celebrities, and royalty pay for a hotel suite, check out these numbers.  The most expensive … Read the rest

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Investing in Hotels

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If you are considering investing in hotels there are a number of items which should be at the forefront of your mind and driving the decision-making … Read the rest

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Family Road Trip Ideas

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If you’re thinking of heading out on the road this summer, you’re not alone.  In 2012 a vast majority of travelers used their cars to … Read the rest

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Popular Spring Break Locations

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With winter still raging on in many areas, loads of citizens are focusing their thoughts to warmer weather and a chance to let loose. Spring … Read the rest

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Planning a Successful Family “Field Trip” Vacation

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Call it what you will – a field trip vacation, a day outing, a “stay-cation” – the fact is that in these … Read the rest

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Romantic Getaways for Valentine’s Day

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valentineStores began stocking their shelves with boxed candy, heart balloons, stuffed animals and other sugary sweet sentiments that you could give your loved one … Read the rest

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Take a Trip to Formula One

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Every race fan recognizes the unique experience offered by attending a Formula One event.  It’s not just a matter of watching some of … Read the rest

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Safe Summer Fun

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Summer is here and that means lots of time will be spent outside running and playing and swimming. While we all want to relax and enjoy … Read the rest

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Squatting Laws Can Take Away Vacation Property

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houseMany people don’t know the laws surrounding the property they own. They might know the property tax laws, or at least the … Read the rest

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Vacation Homes in Canada

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CanadaMost Americans think of Canada as a snowy, cold wasteland.  They can’t imagine buying a vacation home there instead of someplace warm and tropical.  However, … Read the rest

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